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Energy Mass Save Shows the Accurate Way to Save Energy & Money

The Mass Save program is one energy efficient initiative, as sponsored by the energy utility and efficiency companies in Massachusetts.  This program is rightfully funded by a surcharge on current gas and electric bills. So, it is high-time that you start taking advantage of all the possible energy saving benefits and opportunities.

Thanks to mass save programs, MA residents will take advantage of multiple energy efficiency improvements in the form of zero-interest loans, incentives, rebates and no costing light bulbs!

Thanks to a proper energy audit, our team has tried its best to make you eligible for the Mass Save programs. Our team helps to make the people of Massachusetts eligible for incentives and rebates.

Available Energy Saving Rebates


For taking complete advantage of the Mass Save program incentives and rebates, you need to have home energy assessment, as presented by qualified Energy auditor.

  • Our experienced team will present you with a no-cost home energy assessment program.
  • The main goal is to evaluate the cost of monthly energy bills and there is no need for you to pay anything out from your pocket.
  • Within few hours, the advisor from our side will assess your energy and home bills and will install the no-cost instant energy saving products.
  • You will receive free LED and CFL light bulbs and we will further provide you with a complete report with added energy saving tips and tricks.

To be eligible for the program, you need to schedule Free energy audit with Mass Save energy auditors like Energy Mass Save. Join us now for a home assessment solution and saving on energy bills without spending much money. Our services are now just a call away!


With the help of our no-cost home energy assessment, you will get qualified for the applicable rebates and incentives. During this assessment, the advisor will check out specified programs for your benefits. Some of these incentives will include

  • Energy efficient equipment rebates
  • No-cost air sealing
  • 0% heat loan program, and more

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